Wing foils – Ken’s review- my weight 170 lbs

540 with rear gates–  I feel that this foil is more for the racing side of winging, amazing for pocket boards with kite and big wave tow ins. The 540 is extremely fast and stable at high speeds, insane glide and a decent low end for how small the front wing is. I feel the 540 could be a great option for the advance lighter weight rider (100-140 LBS range) as there go to foil. wind range 18 + mph

540 videos- 

Friday Night Wingfoil Series 7-29-22

600 with gates – My personal favorite in all conditions, this size gives you everything you would want for winging. Crazy fast, super stable, pumps extremely well for the size, insane turn ability and glide. With the gates I find it is almost impossible to blow out or yaw the rear wing in turn, giving you that confidence going into extremely high speed turns and high banking angle turns. I was a big fan of the 800 last season, but once you get use to the speed, turn ability and glide, its impossible to ride anything else. I find it takes a little more water speed to get going on foil then the 800 but is very little difference, definitely board size and  weight of the rider come into play as well. I would say a foil for more of an advanced rider (weight 100-180 lbs)  wind range 15+ MPH
600 with V tail – Before Mike started making the 600 with the rear gates, this was my favorite foil. Defiantly a little more loose feeling then the rear gates, gives you the ability to yaw (blowing out the rear wing) the foil on aggressive turns. I feel a little better for a more surf style of ridding or someone who like that loose and easy to roll foil. 

600 video –

“The boys went to play again”

800 with V tail- This was my go to foil for almost 2 years, still one of my favorite foils to ride in all conditions. The 800 still has amazing speed, glide , turn ability, stall speed is excellent for water starts and slower maneuvers. Works great for those slower river swells and boat wakes, nice for slower tight turns.  This foil works for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. This foil works great for all types of ridding styles.  Also, very good for the heavier riders to help getting going vs the 600. My goal is to be able to prone foil the 800 when I get more skills. wind range -13 +mph. Rider weight 100-240 lb.

800 videos-

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1000 with V tail – I don’t have a great amount of time on this size wing. The things that really stood out at me on the 1000 is the ease of getting on foil, crazy stable and locked in feeling, pumps amazing, excellent for lower speed turns and swell ridding tight turns. The foil feels like it is on auto pilot while riding, extremely easy to ride, great for learning tacks, jibes, and pumping skills. Also, great those crazy light,  marginal wind days that you still want to go wing. I feel this foil would be great for the light wind areas, beginner, intermediate and heavier riders.  
1300 with V tail-  The 1300 I have is my wife’s foil, this foil has been a great learning foil for almost everyone starting out. Even more stable than the 1000 if that’s even possible, pumps incredible, great glide, insane stall speed, getting on foil is super smooth, and still for the size turns very good. I just recently learned to prone surf and this foil has been working awesome. Getting up on foil and plumping out after catching a wave in extremely easy