Here is a list of our current foils in production.

For Wingfoiling:

Masts (Tuttle head):





Custom lengths available with custom carbon plate

For wingsets we have:

55cm span 410cm2 high wind/tow in/speed foil

74cm 540cm2 high aspect wing for racing in high wind, 

80cm 600cm2 high aspect wing for racing in high wind,

81cm 700cm2 med-high aspect wing for wing racing in medium to high wind 

90cm 800cm2 high aspect wing for racing, 

90cm 1000cm2 with great top speed and range, 

90cm 1100cm2 with still good speed and improved low end, 

108cm 1150cm2 high aspect pump/prone foil/extreme light wind 

92cm 1300cm2 for prone foiling

113cm 1600cm2 for extreme light wind with excellent glide and top speed for its size. 

For Kitefoiling:

55cm span 410 cm2 speed foil – (And we also make a longer fuse tow in version)

Bullet 3, 64cm span, a great all around kite race foil (many use for free ride also) It is extremely stable and great for learning.  The Bullet 3 mast in 104cm in length, and only compatible with the Bullet 3.

Bullet 6s, for high winds and high seas.  This is 65cm span, a thin profile, less surface area than the Bullet 3, and very stable as well.  This is great for 15m2 kites and smaller and in higher winds.

Bullet 7, 74cm span, high aspect race foil for extreme angles upwind and downwind.  It is also great in very light wind.  Also easy to use.

For masts for the 6s or 7 (it is the same connection and interchangeable) we have 108cm or 112cm length.  The 112 is only needed for extreme heeling angles in racing.  

All Mikeslab foils are race ready and do not require any finish sanding or treatment.

Foils come with protective covers, hardware pack, instructions, and are covered by our 1 year limited warranty policy.

More information on the compatibility of the various Mikeslab hydrofoils can be found here.

If you would like further information on pricing, delivery times, and how to order a foil, please contact