Why does it take so long to get a Mikeslab foil?

Each Mikeslab foil is a high quality, handcrafted, piece of equipment involving many time consuming steps. Each and every piece represents many many hours of work, inspection, and some times on the water testing.

Why do some people seem to get their foils before other people?

While we do our best to fullfill orders in which they were received, our first duty is to serve and support our existing customer base first. Often we will repair or replace parts for existing clients before shipping new product to new clients. This is the quality of service and support Mikeslab has always been known for.

How are your foils made?

We use a variety of composite materials, and proprietary processes to build our foils. We use molds in order to reach exacting standards and the precision needed for the performance we achieve, but hand finishing and a meticulous attention to detail are what take our products to the highest level of performance.

Why do your foils cost so much?

The foils final price represents not only the cost of materials and labor but also the years of investment in research and development, tooling, and failed parts as well.

Where are your foils made?

Our foils are made in the USA and in Italy as well.

Do you sponsor athletes and do you have team riders?

Unfortunately we do not have the budget to sponsor team riders, although we do work with a select few in the development of our next generation foils.