The 143x43x32L is a medium volume high performance race board. It features the classic Mikeslab shape that has set the standard in hydrofoil racing. It is made from an EPS core and PVC sandwich materials resulting in high stiffness and light weight.

Technical Specifications: 143 cm long, 43 cm wide, 3 kg, and 32 litres of volume. The board features a Tuttle box that can accommodate Tuttle extended bases of up to 4cm in height.

The 143x43x32L comes with three footstraps and mounting hardware.

The 143x43x32L is covered by our 1 year limited warranty policy.

The price for the 143x43x32L is 1550 USD or 1550 Euro (Inc. VAT)

If you would like to order a 143x43x32L, please contact orders@mikeslab.com